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Cobra F6 irons SILVER


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Great set of quality irons at a fantastic bargain price!!

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  • TECFLO™ CONSTRUCTION - Multiple construction technologies flow together to create the ultimate progressive irons. Each club in the set is designed to perform differently, optimized for performance to help golfers hit more greens and hit it closer to the pin.
  • 5 Iron - full-hollow design with face inserts to deliver low CG and a highly responsive face. The result is a long iron that flies farther and is easier to hit.
  • 6-7 Irons - half-hollow design with an extremely thin face. Additional discretionary weight is added to produce optimal CG positioning. These technologies product mid irons that are easy to hit and extremely accurate.
  • 8-PW Irons - traditional cavity back design with low and further back CG position. The result is more spin and added shot control enabling golfers to attack the Pin.
  • SW Iron - The F6 speciality ladies sand wedge design adds versatility and precision around the greens and in bunkers. Ideal for getting up and down.
  • PROGRESSIVE SPIN TECHNOLOGY - Optimised spin and launch conditions for every club in the set with V-Grooves on the 4-6 irons, U-Grooves on the 7-PW, and Wedge spaced grooves on the GW-SW. V-Grooves reduce spin from the long irons to increase distance and consistency, U-Grooves provide optimised spin for more precision in the mid irons, and wedge spaced grooves provide extra spin for shots around the green.
  • SPEED CHANNEL® SOLE AND FACE - An engineered channel positioned on the sole, close to the leading edge of the iron and around the perimeter of the upper back cavity creates more flex at impact to deliver greater distance through faster ball speeds.
  • DEEP PERIMETER UNDERCUTTING - An extremely deep undercut creates the largest unsupported face ever in a COBRA set of irons, meaning you get extreme distance on centre hits and consistent forgiving distance on off centre hits.
  • CNC MILLED GROOVES - Creates increase spin and optimised trajectories throughout the set and provides improved control and workability to be able to attack the pin.
  • PREMIUM CHROME PLATING WITH PVD - A new Nickel Chrome/PVD plating provides enhanced club durability throughout the set, and a confidence inspiring aesthetic look at address.
  • T.O.P. TECHNOLOGY - Engineered aluminium cap replaces steel on half hollow irons which frees up 5g of discretionary weight which has been replaced low and further back in the head creating a lower CG position for improved launch conditions and ball flight.

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